Sunday, June 12, 2011

Father's Day Tie Craft

Here's a crafty idea for the kids to make a time-honored Father's Day gift  - a neck tie! Print a neck tie shape on a piece of card stock, or print on paper and glue the shape to a piece of recycled cereal box cardboard, then trim along the outline of the tie shape.

Decorate the tie with any colorful crafty bits from your scrap box - fabric and paper scraps, rick rack, sequins, stickers, markers and just about anything else that will stick. The goal is to be wild and colorful ...

After the glue dries, trim off any ragged edges around the tie shape, then have the kids attach their tie to their shirt front. Depending on the type of shirt your child is wearing, you can fasten the tie to the shirt with a piece of tape, paper clip or bulldog clip, brass fastener through a button hole, or (for older kids only as this could pose a potential choking hazard) a length of 1/4" elastic, narrow ribbon, yarn or string.

Where to find a Tie Pattern: Cut out a neck tie template from this Dad's Tie  printable coloring page - you can use the coloring sheet to make a poster or jumbo greeting card, too.  If you prefer other tie styles, you can try these neck tie, bolo and bow tie templates.

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