Friday, June 29, 2012

Cute Cupcake Mini Flags

Mini Flags - Cupcake Design
New freebie just in time for birthday parties or backyard bashes. If you need some clever crafty signs to decorate party tables or label treats at your BBQ, picnic, bake sale or pot luck luncheon, try making a few food flags with these easy printables. Print, label, fold and glue to a plastic straw or kabob stick.

Need to mark tables? Use these simple food flags and add numbers.  You'll need to anchor the finished flags in a bottle, flower pot or basket filled with beans or a block of foam so they'll stand up ... or tuck them into a floral arrangement or real cupcake!

Mini Cupcake Craft Flags - free printable for personal use, these food flags feature cupcakes, but there are several other designs including a blank template you can use to make your own mini flags.