Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NEW! Christmas Paper Crafts

There's a whole lot more to Christmas paper crafts than cut out snowflakes and looped paper chains in this new Christmas Paper Crafts feature. You'll find dozens of links to free holiday paper craft patterns and projects you can make from cardboard, boxes, magazines, recycled cards and scrapbook papers.

These aren't just kiddie crafts, although there is a good selection of kid-friendly Christmas crafts. There are some beautiful but easy paper ornaments, garlands and free printable greeting cards along with creative ideas for gift wrap, tags, labels and ornaments.


LearnHowToMakeBows said...

Gorgeous Christmas paper crafts!! Thank you!

http://glass-block-crafts.weebly.com/ (free Christmas crafts ebook!)

Poddys said...

You have such wonderful idead for crafts and decorations. This blog is a delight for both parents and teachers.

Have a wonderful Christmas.
Tony & Debbie

Michelle said...

The Christmas paper crafts are really good. :)