Wednesday, March 30, 2011

New Life for Plastic Lids

I recycle any plastics I have on hand, either to our community recycling center (which takes only types 1 or 2 plastics) or I use cleaned plastic jars and containers for storing buttons, screws, hooks and what not.

I've finally got more than enough rooting pots and drip catchers for my plants, so what to do with extra plastic lids if they can't be recycled?

Make plastic lid crafts for Earth Day. Try these five frugal ideas, then dream up your own green crafts for left over plastic lids.

Mother's Day Printables

Get ready for one of the most popular family holidays on the planet: Mother's Day with the ideas and gifts to make at these pages:

Mother's Day gifts, crafts, cards and stories

Mom to Be Tee Shirt Iron Ons "Baby Inside", bar code It's a Boy or It's a Girl, Yes I am Pregnant transfers  -  wee bit geek, a whole lotta fun

Saturday, March 19, 2011

On a Whimm: Fan Heart Shamrock Tutorial

Make these unique paper shamrocks in flower pots to decorate a window sill or table top for St. Patrick's Day.

Super cute, and easy to make - found 'em here: 
On a Whimm: Fan Heart Shamrock Tutorial and will be adding them to the green an crafty ideas at St. Patrick's Day Fun for Everyone.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sweet Treats Border Graphics

Build yourself a page border of birthday treats with this new ice cream and cupcake border clip art set.

These borders match my cupcake and ice cream cone clip art in the party graphics collection at Take a taste!

Free for any non-commercial use; don't put these images on a sharing site - send your friends here to snag 'em.